Vision - Mission                                        

Our Vision: Construction of the CORE Combat Center.

Our Mission: To teach at-risk and privileged youth athletes commitment and confidence to positively impact their communities.

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Our country is more divided than ever. This is reflected in our racial, socioeconomic, and political opportunities. The CORE Combat Center will position us to make an even bigger impact in our community. More space to run after-school programs, train hundreds of at-risk and privileged kids in 3 disciplines (wrestling, BJJ, muay tai), and execute revenue-generating events to support the Silvia A. Banks Scholarship Fund.

CORE Wrestling, Inc. is a Non-Profit 501c3 with a proven record of positive impact in the Community since 2012. Established by CEO, Stan Banks Jr., a 2x NC High School State Champion, 2X ACC Champion and 2X NCAA Division 1, All-American. Click HERE to learn more about Stan Banks.

Our CORE Values are respect, education, commitment, and service. Our CORE Skills are mental, physical, and technical.