CORE Wrestling Registration

All monthly memberships are charged on the 1st of each month and can be cancelled or paused at anytime. We require a 2 week notice via email to our customer service team ( Please do not text or call any other team members or coaches to communicate this request, as they cannot process it. Any requests received after the 2 week notice will be billed on the 1st of the month, and processed prior to the following month.

$65/Mo - Mighty Mites 

$150/Mo - Rookies/Experienced 

$20/Session - Drop-In 

Our Value Proposition

We appreciate your membership! It's important that you have a clear understanding of the $1,100+ in value we deliver to you each month.

  • Practice Coaching: 4-5 days/wk. 32-40 hrs/mo = $480-$600 value/mo.  
  • Open Mat Access: Saturdays 10am-12pm. Open to all, but not instructional. Must know how to wrestle. $80 value/mo.  
  • Tournament Coaching: Drive time + $30 coaches entry fee + meals + gas. 10+ hr day for each coach = $250 value/mo.  
  • Dual Matches: Referees + insurance + coaching staff = $150 value/mo.  
  • Insurance Cards: We register/pay for your Folkstyle cards = $25 value/yr.
  • Mental Skills Training: Wrestling Mindset training sessions = $50 value/mo.
  • Physical Skills Training: Volt Athletics training platform for strength & agility = $25 value/mo.
  • Wrestling Gear: Free CORE tshirt + used head gear + used wrestling shoes = $75 value/yr.
  • Team App: Efficient access to coaches, customer service, other members, team calendar = $10 value/mo.
  • Training Equipment: Access to squat racks, olympic weights, kettle bells, battle ropes, etc. = Invaluable!
  • Training Facility: This is our gym. We train whenever we want. No need to roll up mats before/after practice = Invauluable!


* All above value applies to our monthly paying members. Not drop-ins or individual sessions.

6 Options to Meet All Skill/Age Groups

  • CORE Mighty-Mite Monthly Membership:
    • $65/mo. Cancel anytime, after 2 wk notice.
    • Any tournament experience. Boys & Girls 6-8 years old. Two-1hr practices/wk + Open Mat Sundays.


  •  CORE Practice Monthly Memberships:
    • $150/mo. Cancel anytime, after 2 wk notice. 
    • At registration, select Rookie or Experienced
    • Rookie: 0-2 years tournament experience. Boys & Girls 9-13 yrs. old. Three-Four-1hr practices/wk + Open Mat Sundays.  
    • Experienced: 2+ years tournament experience. Boys & Girls 9-18 yrs. old. Three-Four-1hr practices/wk + Open Mat Sundays.


  • Additional Membership Options
    • Drop-In Rate: Must have at least 1 year tournament experience. Available during any class listed on our schedule. Register below, and you'll be invoiced $20 at each practice you attend via our TeamSnap App. 
    • Individual Sessions: Great option for experienced or beginner wrestlers! Click HERE for details.
    • Sibling Rate: $75/month for each child after first is registered at standard rate ($150/mo). Mighty-Mite is $35/mo. Email Membership Team at
    • Scholarship Rate: We offer need-based monthly scholarships to qualifying members. Email our CEO-Founder, Stan Banks, at


* Click HERE for practice times.