Masters Wrestling


Instructor Led

Tues/Thur 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Open Mat

Self Led

Sun 3:00 - 5:00 pm

What is Masters Wrestling?

Masters is the term used to identify wrestlers who are 25 years and older. There is also a subdivision of Masters which is referred to as Veterans. Veterans are wrestlers that are 35-70 years old and is not to be confused with people who have served in the military.


At CORE, we will focus on Freestyle & Greco for all Masters practices, as there are limited to no Folkstyle tournaments in this age group. However, if you prefer to train in Folkstyle, just bring a partner who wants to train in that style.


The Masters division is split up into 5 age groups designated by one of the first 5 letters of the alphabet: A, B, C, D, and E.

Div. A: Ages 20-29
Div. B: Ages 30-43
Div. C: Ages 44-52
Div. D: Ages 53-61
Div. E: Ages 62-70

Within those 5 divisions, there are 7 weight classes.

Masters Weight Classes:
58 kg/127.6 lbs
62 kg/136.6 lbs
70 kg/154.2 lbs
78 kg/172 lbs
88 kg/194 lbs
100 kg /220.4 lbs
130 kg /286.6 lbs

What is Open Mat?

  • NOT COACH LED, like weekday practices.
  • Feel free to use the facilities for free, but come prepared to create your own workout plan.
  • We strongly suggest scheduling your own workout partner(s). They can all train for free as well.
  • Similar to pick-up basketball. Not a structured practice. Lots of music, weight training, sparing and rolling.
  • If new, get trained at a few of our week day practices first.
  • No charge and open to any grapplers from other schools or clubs.
  • Please Note: We typically cancel Open Mat on tournament weekends. Please text/call ahead if a Non-Member, or simply check our TeamSnap calendar if a CORE-Member, prior to coming out.
    Click HERE to check our tournament schedule.