Individual Sessions - Wrestling

Benefits To You

- 1 on 1 focus from coach with proven record of success as an athlete and coach.

- Great for athletes that struggle with focus/attention in large groups.

- Ability to train at your own pace for confidence and retention of key skills.

- Hand pick your partner for best fit in skill and weight class.

- Full assessment of mental, physical, and technical skills for a personalized training plan.

Select The Coach & Package That Fits Your Budget & Goals

-4Pack: $240 (4 - One hr sessions)
-8Pack: $440 (8 - One hr sessions) * Best Value!

Please Note: All wrestlers must bring a partner for all drilling sessions. If needed, we’ll facilitate partner selection to ensure a great experience!


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Coach Stan Banks

Cell: 704-290-4837

Coach Ryan Camp

Cell: 727-853-5027

Coach Jon Stavas

Cell: 712-520-5481

Coach John Collins

Cell: 704-989-6329