Our full-year training philosophy (see below) is based on commitment and respect.

Commitment as making practice/tournaments on time and consistently. No member is expected to train every day. Additionally, it's your money...Spend it as you like. However, if your kid only makes a few practices a week, they will not build confidence, fitness, or skills required to compete.


Respect as understanding our CORE Values and treating your teammates & coaches accordingly. We pair kids by age/skill/weight. When they skip practices/tournaments, it reduces their teammates' development, our ability to earn team points, and is disrespectful to the coaching staff that sacrifices personal time to coach them.


We understand and encourage our wrestlers to compete in a variety of sports. This will make them better overall athletes. Just be sure to limit the other sports to the months outside of our Peak Season, and make a plan to stay active in wrestling during the other seasons. Any coach on our staff can help you with this.